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L I K E  M U S I C

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“I am an orphan, and Ostend? That’s my orphanage.” ~ Marvin Gaye.

The need to seek refuge, to find a place of safety is an experience all of us share. For Lucas, a wayward photographer and Hannah a soul-seeking singer Ostend Belgium and the Marvin Gaye Midnight Love tour offer that hope. Repelled by their first encounter, the lost pilgrims find that they need one another to handle their burdens. Both run from lives of pain and secrets; hesitant at first to share with one another the true penance they crave. Through their love of music and the inspiring story of Marvin’s time in Ostend, the duo learns the meaning of healing.

Director: Alice Millar

Writer: Jacob Reynolds

Producers: Kate Turner and Kees Kasander

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